Playing with energies

Zaragoza, Spain

I hitchhiked quite a few times in my life, especially when I was a student. I went through whole Europe. Standing next to the road with my thumb up. Depending on the country and if I was together with a man or woman we would stand along the road for less than 5 minutes till up to 2-3 hours. 
Now I mostly hitchhike alone. Often I get reactions like 'it is dangerous for a woman alone' 'you have to be careful'. I tell them: 'it definitely can be dangerous as we live in a crazy world, but luckily I always have great or even amazing and inspiring rides. I would never have met those people travelling with a car or public transport.' Hitchhiking gave me amazing connections and brought me to places I never would know they excist, but also people inspire me or I inspire them. During a ride there is always this questions in me 'Why do we meet?' 'What is the reason we are sharing a ride?' Always big or small gifts, sharings or insights will come along the ride and than I know.
 But ofcourse travelling alone needs my alertness. And hitchhiking gives an extra dimension to my alertness. The alertness is not about fear but more about opening up my senses and intuition, I call it my watcher state. My intuition is my guidance. My body tells me when the people in the car are not okay for me. My body talks, I watch, listen and,if nessicary, act instantly and from my centre. I feel grounded and very present at those moments. I am conscious about every inhale and exhale. It is a beautiful state, almost like meditation. 
Nowadays, I even feel when my ride is coming closer. As it comes closer and I can see it, I know which car stops. Our energies meet, our frequencies meet. 
Continously I scan my body as my body always talks and says if something is 'good' or 'bad'. I attract, what I send out. This is 'the law of attraction' and in my life it is very clear that it works that way. In times of hitchhiking or travelling, it is important that I feel rested and feel emotionally balanced. If not my frequency drops and I attract situations which are less pleasant. 
When my frequency drops while hitchhiking, which could be when it is warm, windy or rainy for example, I could easily get grumpy, I fight it for a moment and drop immediately into a lower frequency. When I am aware, I choose another way to travel or  I change my focus. Do some movements, hoolahoop, play music, meditate, do whatever is needed to bring me in connection with my flow, my essence again. Once back in the flow, I am ready to move on my journey.

Watching what happens with my body. It is a great play for my sensitivity. And it is a great play to share the best of myself and let my love radiate into the world. 
Watching how I respond when cars pass by and wish me luck, watching what happens when I make eyecontact with a driver, watching what happens when a driver ignores me. 
I am aware of my heartenergy and I keep it open by watching, breathing, grounding and connecting with my essence and my body flows with the divine. The play continues...

Thumb up and sharing my love and light ✨

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