The Helper

Tomar, Portugal

I have been a 'helper' for the most time of my life. It has become a natural thing to do, help people by taking there pain or absorb there problems. Helping people out by 'saving' them. Working in service or with disabled people, all wonderful jobs which served the helper part in me. My personality always felt great helping others and needed it as well to feel seen, worthy and loved. 

My body crashed, the helper in me crashed. I couldn't move up or down. 
My body was presenting this theme of my life. Again I started helping and saving others on my journey. I got trapped into an old part of my personality. I feel a shame and disrespect entering my being about myself. Again I thought I could be the savior. I find it very unrespectful of myself to think their Soul cannot do it by themselves and that I have to help them. The message entered my being and I was deeply touched. My ego dropped and a beautiful feeling of humbleness fell over me. Tears were flowing of gratitude to receive this deep understanding of what it is to be in service. It is about BEing there, fully present. It is not about taking their shit on my shoulders. I stay centered and grounded so I can BE. At first I take care of mySELF.
My body starts to soften and to open up. A big surrender of my ego is there and an allowance to receive this  great teaching!

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    Marianne (Saturday, 19 September 2015 19:21)

    Light meets light, there is nothing else ……. (inspired by The Course in Miracles)