The Journey of the Soul

People often tell me: 'The way you live your life is amazing and very courageous to do. For a long time it is a wish for me to do this as well. You doing it, inspires me'. 
I travel around the world to the most amazing places, meet great people AND meet great challenges as well. It is not an easy path, but for sure the most rewarding one...
When I can do it, you can do it! 

The journey of the Soul is one of grace, flow and divinity. It is a constant flow of the new coming through. For our personality it might be very challenging to follow this new flow as it wants to hold on to old habits, patterns, learnings, teachings, limited beliefs, conditionings and even old paths and dreams. 
The new is unpredictable, one not to be understood and it is all about surrendering to the unknown, guided by Self. We all are divine light BEings with infinite possibilities which is much bigger than we ever can imagine. To become the infinite light BEing we need to let go of all that is limiting us. It is our choice to follow the path of our personality (ego) or of our Soul. 

I choose the path of my Soul. In my life that means freeing mySelf and start travelling. My Soul desires to travel and experience herSelf in the contrary to my personality who loves to feel safety with a steady income and a house as a homebase and it has a big fear for groups of all kinds. How to flow with these contradiction embodied in me?

1,5 years ago I asked mySelf a question: 'When I die tomorrow, would I be happy and satisfied looking back to my life?' The answer was clear: 'NO' 
I asked mySelf this question regulary and I would take some action, but still stay in my comfortzone. This time the answer brought me to the edge of my comforts and I decided to change radically and start living life at the fullest. 
I was certain to free mySelf on all levels. For that my Soul asked me to let go of my job, house and I left my family and beloveds behind. My journey started...
For my personality it is about trusting, surrendering and allowing Self to be the guidance. In the beginning it wasn't easy at all. I was facing a lot of fears and needed to embrace them all, to do with 'home', money, new environments, groups, etc. 
Every time when I start to feel comfortable in my new surroundings, my Soul told me, it is time to move on. Every time again it is a proces of accepting and letting go of my new life and family. When the moment of readiness and acceptance is there, I grap my stuff together and start moving again...
Hitting the road, looking left, looking right, where to go? I put up my thumb and off I went. To where? I had NO clue. There were enough moments of frustration and fear along the way as I couldn't feel my Soul's guidance. I constantly needed to clear my emotions and raise my vibration to get a glimpse of my new 'home' or direction. 
In time I always met the right people or received signs which guided me towards my next destination. My journey brought me to amazing communities and surroundings. Every time I felt so lucky that I made it.
Along my way, my path started to be one of focus, raising my vibration and manifestation would follow. It started to be rather a logical extension than luck. I started to get a sense of the immense creation power we have as human BEings. At the same time there are still some burdens in my personality to face which are holding me back, but there is the understanding now that this is where life is about. I don't need to become full of purpose, focus and enlightenment. It is the wish of my Soul to fully experience my emotions and fears, this is where the journey is about.

There is the acknowledgement and understanding nowadays, that my Soul choose my personality to experience all of this, that is what life is all about. To feel, to show, to sense, to see, to meet Self in those circumstances. My Soul is here to experience exactly that and I choose to live it. Every challenge, every interaction, every situation is a chance to free mySelf and embody my Soul more fully. 

Falling, dropping, standing up, falling again to finally start rising, rising into the presence of my light BEing. Just BE what I am, fully present with whatever is there, that is the path of my Soul. 
I am not a teacher, I am not a guide, I  am a presence of Light. It is my gift and medicine to be a channel to reconnect you with Self. I joyfully share my gift with you. 

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