Mother Bali

Shaken and woken up by Mother Bali

A few days ago we had an earthquake on Bali. While I was meditating the bed started to tremble. It noticed it but it didn't disturb, but the sounds of the doors and windows did. It lasted about 30 seconds I was told later. The whole island was shaken up and woken up. 

Earlier this week 3 million indonesian rupees (a little over 200 euros) disappeared, including my medical kit. I sensed a strange energy coming into my room while I was taking a shower. I stepped out of the shower and looked into my room, but all seemed normal. 

I went to a concert and when I got back home, I noticed the loss. The first thought was 'do blackholes exist where material disappear in?', I never experienced things like that in my life, so I let go of that thought and started searching for other options. Somebody must have stolen it. 'There was this strange guy swimming in our pool this afternoon. It must have been him.' Also that thought, I dropped. I kept on searching. Nope, nothing! Although I was sure where it was before, I started searching in other spots as well. Nothing there. The next morning I did the same ritual. Nothing there. 

I joined a breathing session and started to embrace my loss and the fear around lack. It was basically my last money as my creditcard is on the max and I needed this money to pay my rent. It freaked me out 'what to do?' I cried, I screamed, at first without sound and when my voice came I screamed for help and I transformed. I surrendered, in the surrendering I asked my guides what to do. I was asked to surrender even deeper, to do with committing to my new path. My new path and mission (later more about that) asks a lot of commitment and so far the free Spirit in me was resisting. This incident made me realize I had no choice than to get serious. No playing around anymore, no distractions or different focuspoints, but going fully for my new mission where the new paradigm comes into fullness and where is no space for lack. But I have to commit to the higher plan, it is not about me me me anymore. Time to drop that...

I dropped, I surrendered, I bowed, I bowed to Mother Bali. She heard me and I felt her embracing me. After I felt a deep release and free.

When I came back in my house, both the money and my medical kit were in the place where they were before. What? I know that I am not crazy and I trust my gutt fully but I do want to know more about this phenomenom.

I asked some friends about this and they confirmed crazy weird and similar stuff happening to them as well. Yes, sometimes the Spirits come out and they tease us. But why so much this week? 

It is the week before Nyepi (New Year) and Balinese people pray for the spirits to come out and to bring the dark. They believe in light and dark and want to invite and embrace it all. Before New Year there is one day of full darkness and silence. It is the day that the Balinese give full space to the spirits of the land to come out and they don't want to be seen by them so they stay inside in silence and in darkness. This moment is also to go inside and to bring prayers for the coming year. How beautiful and powerful is that to do that together. 

She said: 'make yourself less visible the coming days.' I thought: 'I just found my lightbulb and now I have to turn it off again', and I laughed about the whole situation.

Today I had a motorbike accident. All is fine, just a little scratch in the end. Beautiful people helping me. But ofcourse a shock for my system.

I had enough wakeup calls this week. This coming days I will turn my light off and keep it burning on the inside. Time for prayers, time for meditation, time for reflection, time for introspection.

Thank you, Mother Bali for your great teachings and wisdom, you are magical! 

I honour you, in humbleness I receive...