Entering a new world

Recently many people asked me how I am doing as I turned a bit quiet.

Well, I entered a new world. The world of finances and it does make me quiet as it really is swirling me around. It shakes my beliefs and ideas up into the air and dropping me on the ground again...I start to see the world with different eyes, I am entering a new reality.

People who know me, know that freeing myself was always my main goal and over the last 2 years I challenged myself by bringing myself to the edge by letting go of nearly all my belongings, house, job and relationship. Detaching to all fears and emotions. Just now I get a glimpse of what it means for my whole being to set myself financially free. It has a huge impact on all levels. Again..to do with fears, old beliefs, conditionings, selfworth, family patterns, negative thoughts and so on. In reality the journey to free myself could have been a lot shorter...

As I understand now, detachment and embrace of money is the key to become a fully empowered human being and to bring ALL of myself into full blossoming.

'I am awakening into a free Spirit, so I can be the light and the change for the world around.' Living this is IMPOSSIBLE when I still have financial issues. Honestly, money has such a huge impact on our lifes, we all are slaves of the system. One more, one less, but we all are.

To become truly wealthy and loving in the heart, you need to become wealthy in the base first.

I am learning about finances! Mwahahaaaaa! Me? 😄 That is the biggest joke ever! But YES, seriously. 

I am learning how the world is ruled and controlled by a few elite, learning how we never can set ourselves free unless we are freeing ourselves from the on fear based pyramid systems. Many of us talk about this, but I am getting to understand what it really means. 

Only breaking through the old system will lead us to the new world where we can unite and become one. From pyramid based to unity (flow)based.

This being said by many spiritual seekers out there (including myself), singing songs around campfires (preferably naked 😏) 'we are the light, we are the infinite ones, we are one.' We all have the deepest desire to change the world, but in fact it is a lot of airy fairy talk, because as far as I know, we were more fighting against it than bringing the new.

How can we really be the change also for the people who live in poverty (70% of humanity)?

I am the change, ALL of us are! Not only the rich or better said, skip the rich, empower the people at the bottom (and yessss...also the ones living in poverty)

This new paradigm system IS working. It already showed its effect around Asia. It learns people how to fish and to become the BEST version of themselves. People start serving the world from their full potential and change IS possible! 

It brings me in total excitement and my believe and trust in this is beyond. To create the new world, we are the pioneers spreading the new seed.

I can see that I was, and still am a prisoner of this banksystem and of this fear-based world. In the West it seems even more controlled in the way we are educated and grown up and also the way how we think about money. There is a lot of fear and scepticism in our society and families, because of the lack and the unknowing.

I am discovering a new world beyond our world which is free and where money works for us instead of us working for money. 

I am learning from the most humble multimillionaires how I can become the leader of my own life and how I can set myself financially free. This is their charity to the world, to empower people and to learn people how to fish. I am learning how to fish now...

I am waking up under the guidance and support I receive from our community and amazing teachers and inspirators. Together we hold space for each other to share, to learn and to grow. It is about doing it together. 

Unity creates opportunity