What is truth? What is THE truth! What is my truth? 

I have been shaken up and down by letting go of my truth and create a new truth. What is my truth? My truth was based on stories, experiences and imprints of OTHERS. My truth is based on the truth of others. 

How to find MY truth? I learned there is no such thing as THE truth. Everybody has his/her experience, blueprints, conditionings in life and it is impossible to have the same truth. 

To be honest, after this revelation, I had no clue what is my truth. I was awakened when I noticed that my truth was very much based on the opinions and experiences of others. I was not truthful to myself at all...and for what? To please them? Out of insecurity)? Lack of confidence? To be a follower? To close my eyes for what is really going on in the world? And...was I really ready to face this???


Life has been a big teacher for me over and over again. What was it this time that brought a deeper understanding? MONEY! What? Yes, it was MONEY. 

I wish to be free on all levels of my being, this time I was facing the continuous growing  lack of money in my life. After all my life teachings and lessons, I can say this is one of the deepest and biggest spiritual journeys I have faced and I got to understand a very important lesson. It is impossible to be a loving, spiritual person and to be in service of all, when you still have moneyissues to deal with. It is the biggest illusion many in the spiritual scene believe in. Fact is that most of us are controlled by money and living in fear. How to break through this and make money a wonderful living tool to serve humanity? I was ready to face and break this illusion and create a new story...


To become wealthy in the base, I have to unveil the story first, the imprint, before rewriting it. Looking more closely to my story, I realized it were thoughts and experiences from others. I have been embodying the truth of my parents, teachers, society, media, etc., and they are imprinted by their parents, teachers, etc. A never ending story, making the truth very foggy and unclear. 

Be the change you want to see in this world.

I finally could take responsibility for changing my perspective and start creating a new truth. I did this by informing myself, reading, studying, meditating, visualizing, affirming, writing, contemplating AND listening. Listening to what my heart has to say as it is connected with my Soul and path in life. The truth of my heart is what I follow. Not to be understood by the mind, not to be explained, it just is...

I got to understand that there is no such thing as THE truth. To find MY truth is already quite a journey. To keep standing in my new truth was even a deeper journey. Believing in myself while others encounter or even attack. Could I hold center for my new truth? No, in the beginning I dropped, I fell, I doubted, I feared, I faced myself in the mirror. 

'Sanjula, is this the truth? Are you not believing in an illusion?' And...I started doubting my own integrity? 

I was not rooted enough in my new truth and the encounters were shaking me up big time. At some point, I needed to take distance, to keep feeling my heart, to deepen my new truth, the painful it was at times, every encounter was a great opportunity for growth and to embody my truth on a deeper level. Now I stand more and more with my feet on new solid ground.

It was a big and deepening experience into myself! One thing I learned, another's truth is not my truth and my truth is not another's truth. I needed time to stand in my new truth and to keep standing with some gentle bending, but without breaking. I needed to grow roots from a new base and from that space I started walking on new ground. It is a new territory, but I am enjoying it now. Every day I learn, every day I grow, every day I receive. It is exciting and I am thrilled to share...

My new truth opens up a new world with unlimited possibilities and potential, where is abundance and wealth for ALL. And YES, there is NO doubt...every cell of my being believes in it and I stand for it! 

With love ❤️

Ps: don't believe a word I say 😄