My Journey

My journey is about connecting and living my full potential in life. I seeked and searched inside and out for many years. Over 40 years I was part of society where I worked with disabled people, although I kept travelling a lot, I was very much in this 9-5 system with all its limitations. My sensitive and creative Spirit always found ways to satisfy me just enough to keep going. I did MANY trainings and workshops all over the world for inspiration, seeking and learning. The seeker in me was VERY determined and kept the fire burning. I integrated meditation and yoga in such a way that I could handle life, but in the winter of 2015 life brought me to the edge of existence. For a period of time I went through deep and dark nights and I had no other choice than to jump into the unknown and...

Spread my wings and learn to fly

Spring 2015, the big shift of my journey started. I decided to step out of my comforts and drop all 'securities'. I let go of my job, house, relationship, family, friends, beloveds and I jumped into the unknown. Things started to change immensely and nothing, NOTHING, appeared to be MY true path or serving my purpose. My blindness faded away and I saw my personality woven in every action of my life and I started to realize that NOTHING in my life had to do with my higher calling. I walked the paths from others. I followed many trainings and met the most amazing teachers all over the world, all of them sharing there wisdom, beautifully and powerfully, all in their own way, but it was their way and not mine. It became very clear to me, my path is one I cannot learn, it is one to be discovered by me, mySELF.   

In the beginning I was facing deep fears, wounds and insecurities. I drop, fall, cry, scream and set my self free. Learning to listen to my Soul and my highest calling. Let mySELF be guided and travelled into this unknown territory.

Am I really ready for the next step? YES! I AM READY

Life has been a big teacher for me over and over again. The last part of my inner journey was about facing the continuously growth of financial lack in my life. As I got to understand that to serve the world from my highest potential I need to be balanced in all areas of my life.

To become truly wealthy in the heart, you need to become wealthy in the base first.  

I wish to be free on all levels of my being. After all my life teachings and lessons, The last teaching around money is one of the deepest and biggest spiritual journeys I have faced so far AND I got to understand a very important lesson. It is impossible to be a loving, spiritual person and to be in service of all, when you still have moneyissues to deal with. I was ready to face and break this illusion and create a new story...

Be the change I wish to see in this world. 

I finally could take responsibility for changing my perspective and start creating a new truth. I did this by informing myself, reading, studying, meditating, visualizing, affirming, writing, contemplating AND listening. Listening to what my heart has to say as it is connected with my Soul and path in life. The truth of my heart is what I follow. Neither to be understood by the mind nor to be explained, it just is...


I am standing on new solid ground. It was a big and deepening experience! 

My new truth opens up a new world with unlimited possibilities and potential, where is abundance and wealth for ALL. And YES, there is NO doubt...every cell of my being believes in it! THIS is what I want to bring into the world. 

With love,