Inspirational thoughts

Ubud, Bali

Journey of Success: a journey into abundance

Amazing Bali

Finishing my pilgrimage in Bali. After the holy water blessings I meditated/prayed for one week at the Besakih Temple (mother temple of Bali), blessing the ricepaddies: a journey from lack into abundance. March 2017

India, Tiruvannamalai

Nadileaf reading and pilgrimage. Giving food to the Sadhus, visiting temples, doing pujas: a journey from lack into abundance, February 2017.

Ubud, Bali

The start of a new chapter: Ecstatic Awakening Retreat, January 2017

Roadtrip from The Netherlands to Portugal

Roadtrip with Journey, my new house and camper. On the way working in the Pyrenees and living in Barcelona for 1 month. October - December 2016

Portugal, Osho Festival

Working, co-creating and living in togetherness. July 2016

El Jardin, Palenque

A short visit to the jungle of Palenque. It was like coming home! April 2016

Tepoztlan, Oaxaca, San Christobal

Being a tourist. Unfortunately I raised some stunning pictures of waterfalls and gliding on a cable between the canyons.

Ometeotl Festival, Mexico

Uno astrolodge community was running the Healing area, Maya Rama. It was an intense experience and one never to forget!

Tulum, Mexico

Uno Astrolodge Community, I worked and lived here from Jan-Apr 2016

Festival de Pineiro

Life brought me at this amazing place in the mountains of Galicia (Spain), August 2015

Rivercane Gardens, Carrapateira

I lived here for 2 months, may-june-july 2015