A remembrance of home

Soul Journeys

Soul Journeys are the simple, yet profound way of receiving yourSELF into the physical body. This awakening feels like coming home, where home is right here and not out there anymore. You feel more grounded and landed in your own being and you will experience a strong connection to your true Self. The key to this awakening is listening. Listening at Soul level to everything that is showing up in your life, to all that is unfolding within you. The listening extends to every area of your life, together we listen and make a journey through the body with words, gentle movements or sounds. That way we receive and allow all that is awaiting you. When you listen to absolutely everything that is showing up in your life, and say YES to yourSELF, life will bring you exactly what you need to evolve into your full potential. Trusting life will be your natural state of being, guided by your Soul. 
The teachings are carried in the body – the embodiment – and also in the unified field. Sanjula teaches people to listen to their Soul, to listen in every moment of life and carry the embodied truth of the Soul into every expression and action. In all activities and workshops she is guided by the field of the Golden Spiral and Unity Consciousness. 

A deepening of the work can be experienced through Soul Awakening, Energetic Bodywork and Healing Sessions


The Golden Spiral

The Soulembodiment architecture is that of the phi spiral, the Golden Spiral, very similar to the Fibonacci spiral which is found in nature's precision and perfection. It is the architecture which brings the highest level of coherency into the cells, and therefore into the world around us. Unity and harmony begins with the body and extends into the world.

We will follow the thread through your body by releasing the distortion, tensions and trauma. The Golden Spiral opens up all the bodies and your Soul has the space to embody more fully.

Unity Consciousness

Unity Consciousness is a field where we can expand all cells and bodies. The fluidity in the cells is felt and flows freely, communicating everything that is there. The physical body drops its senses of separation and functions as a whole. The more it drops into wholeness, the more unity is felt and everything becomes inter-connected. It feels very held, flowing, connected, whole. The body is gracefully moving and expressing itself in this field. It is like being danced into Togetherness and Unity! 


Unity Consciousness can be easily experienced through MeditationDance and Yoga