Dance as a manifestation of light

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is a Freeform Conscious Dance Space celebrated all around the world. It is an evening with no shoes, no booze and no chitchat. It is a magical journey into the beyond! 
I have been the fire starter, organiser and ceremony leader in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Tulum (Mexico) and the Algarve (Portugal). I love to share my experiences during my travels and co-create with musicians and DJs I meet on my path. 
Ecstatic Dance is a dance full of exploration to free your spirit and celebrate your aliveness. It is a unique dance experience where you can fully express yourself in a safe and hold space. A space where you can be vulnerable and meet each other in wholeness. 
Expressing yourself freely, jumping up and down, going beyond your borders, laying on the ground, sitting still, being wild, setting yourself free and having fun. 
The sacred dancespace will be initiated by a ceremony where you will awaken your inner self and explore with the other beautiful dancers around you.  
Let's shine as brilliant stars!