A journey within


The guidance of the meditations are a way to expand your BEing to the full capacity. 

We start with opening the body with soft, gentle and flowing movements guided by Fluidbody Consciousness. The physical body drops its senses of seperation and start functioning as a whole, a groupbody,  and we enter the field of Unity Consciousness.

This field is in constant movement with new energies which want to come down on Earth through our bodies. We expand into our greatest capacity and let the new enter our bodies and upgrade the cells on cellular level.

 It is a very healing and expanded experience!  


'I was invited by a friend for this wonderful evening where I discovered a new dimension, outside of ‘myself’. The evening started with a small chat and an explanation by Sanjula about ‘the method’ we were going to apply. The first feelings of doubt arose when she told us that we had to let go ourselves to obtain a full (group) effect of this meditation. However, this turned out to be more simple than I could have wished.

We started with small movements in our body on music. Sanjula coached us through the movements and explained us what was happing with us and with the group. She knew at that time what the group and all individuals needed to obtain the highest (group) potential. Within a very short period of time I was able to dive into the music and felt the rhythmic movements throughout my entire body. It was easy to concentrate on this way of being which automatically put a large distance between my thoughts representing my ego and something else that should be my spirit, inner self or whatever you name it. In this state it was easy to recognize the unreal self which I normally see as my real self. I experienced an immense feeling of comfort, trust and silence of which the magnitude was new to me. Over time, the music and the type of movements changed where after we ended with a ‘normal’ sitting meditation.

For me this way of meditation, using music and movements in my body, where new and it showed me how easy it is to get into the real self whenever I would like to go there. The fact that I could see that my thoughts, fears and other stories did not belong to me is something that is still useful during my daily life.

An experience I wish to everybody!'