Creation is about raising your vibration

Moon Meditation

New Beginnings, New Intentions, New Creations!
Every New or Full Moon carries a specific energy. Together we move into the space of Unity Consciousness to connect with this energy. A space where we are hold and carried, a space where our limited thoughts and conditionings start to drop. A new reality and a new vibration start to enter our Beings! 
We enter the field of Unity Consciousness by using the Fluidbody Consciousness and the Golden Spiral. This field is in constant movement and experienced more intensely around Full Moon and New Moon.
By guidance we expand into our greatest capacity by using our breath and simple movements. Our bodies start to move gracefully and express itself freely and flowingly. In the allowance we let the new enter our bodies and upgrade the cells on cellular level.
What you may receive?
~ Soulconnection
~ Soulembodiment through the Golden Spiral
~ Connection with Unity Consciousness
~ Deep understanding
~ Feeling of Togetherness
~ Upgrade on cellular level
~ Sacred Symbols as Flower of Life, Merkaba
~ Increase of your (body)frequency and awareness
~ Understanding of your purpose
~ Grounding through energetic connection with the Earth
~ And more what resonates your system