World Healing Meditation

The outside world is a reflection of our inner world. By taking the responsibilty to heal ourselves, we heal the world and make it a better place. This meditation will give awareness and healing to your inner world. 

We start with opening up the body with soft, gentle and flowing movements guided by the Unity Consciousness. The physical body drops its senses of seperation and start functioning as a whole, a groupbody,  and we enter the field of Unity Consciousness. 
This field is in constant movement with new energies which want to come down on Earth through our bodies. By guidance we expand into our greatest capacity and let the new enter our bodies and upgrade the cells on cellular level. 

 It is a very healing and expanded experience and a Journey on its own!  

What may you receive?
~ Soulconnection
~ Connection with Unity Consciousness
~ Deep understanding
~ Feeling of Togetherness
~ Upgrade on cellular level
~ Sacred Symbols as Flower of Life, Merkaba
~ Increase of your (body)frequency and awareness