Online healing circle

To be launched soon! 
Online Healing Circle for anyone who has joined a group over the last few years or received a session. Feel free to invite anyone who might resonate with the work. 

I am happy and feel blessed to open up the space for deeper healing and embodiment of the Self AND give a profound understanding of our lifes and the world around. I truly belief we live in an amazing space time reality and we can make the best creations possible aligned with the Divine. Still we are challenged a lot by old beliefs, fears, conditionings. To start living the new, we need to remind each other and feed each other from this new level of consciousness.

In the alignment we can see, feel, hear, smell the BIGGER picture of ALL, being created through us. I love to journey with all who feel called and ready to embody AND live the new. 
We weave into new realities. Every group holds a specific energy. In the moment we listen and feel what is the story. We open ourselves for the Divine wisdom as we become the channels of light. 

I am so much looking forward to journey together! 

What you may receive:
~Deeper understanding of how the world functions.
~Deeper knowing of your focus in life
~Inner knowing of what is supportive for you and what isn't.  
~Change of beliefs or a switch in understanding
~Experience the expansiveness of your being
~Experience multi dimensions 
~Spontaneous healing
~More profound embodiment
~More grounding