A reconnection of Body and Soul

Soul Awakening Sessions

We are all unique Souls, each with an individual gift to share. To share our gift we need to embody our Soul more fully, a connection of Body and Soul. That is the key to feeling met, seen, heard and held here in this body, in this life on Earth.  


This awakening feels like coming home, where home is right here and not out there anymore.


You feel more grounded and landed in your own being and you will experience a strong connection to your true Self. It is about unifying on every level. Embodying yourSELF more fully, living your deepest truth and your highest potential, feeling unity within, while you drop everything what is not serving you. 

We can unify on a personal level, a partnership level, with our new incoming soul, in our families and in our communities/teams. 

Soul Awakening sessions are given individually and in groups. For groups check activities.


What you may receive? 

~ Embody and integrate your full Soul capacity 

~ Truly meet and receive yourSELF, your family and community 

~ Continually meet and integrate new understandings in all aspects 

~ Unweave the old threads that are no longer serving you 

~ Connect to your Soul essence 

~ Change on cellular level 

~ New lightfrequencies 

~ Grounding through an energetic connection with Earth 

~ Understanding of your purpose and unique Soul essence  

~ Coherency of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 

~ New DNA structure and coherencies

~ And more what resonates for your system


Groupsessions are offered as a workshop with great results. If you want to schedule this workshop, please click here to send a message. 


For individual sessions, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.


Individual sessions are done in person or via Skype. For booking a session, click here.