Creating the life you dream of

Workshop: manifesting your dreams

Are you tired of not being totally satisfied with your life?

Not living your life fully?

Do you have fear for change? 

Feelings of exhaustion, tiredness and/or depression?

Do you look at others lifes and you think: 'They seem to have everything. How do they manifest that?'

If you say 'yes' to either one of those, than this workshop might be a key to succesfull manifestation. How to make your dreams come true and living the life you dream of.

I started to live my dreams a few years ago. At least that is what I thought. Although I was manifesting a lot where I wished for, still there was an unsatisfied feeling present. 

I was working as a social networker for disabled people and developed trainings to empower them. I would manifest quite a lot in a short time, but it lost my interest and I started doing projects to the side. That slowly took so much of my time that it was time to let go of my job and main income. The fear around the letting go was deep. The fear of not having enough money was even deeper so I hold on to my job. Untill life brought me to a point of deep depression and I saw only one way out or...better said...into life again...and that was to jump and leave everything behind AND to create a NEW story of my life. 

So I did...not an easy one, I can tell you, BUT a VERY promising one. I had to look very closely to my emotions, feelings and thoughts to start changing my beliefs, my world and my life. 

The first key to instant happiness is...LIVE IT! Live it first emotionally and the rest will follow...

Still I have my challenges on my way as my dreams go bigger and wilder, but I learned and discovered different ways of manifestating my dreams in quite a short time (2-3 months). In this unique workshop I share my experience of the do's and don'ts.

Are you ready for change? Do you feel a full YES coming out of your core? Come and join us in the creation of YOUR REALITY!

Be the Change You want To See AND want To Be! 

What you might receive?

~embodiment and fusion of body-mind-soul

~healing a certain issue in your life

~clarity and insights of changes

~how to 'control' and let go of the mind

~deeper connection with your Soul

~expanding your inner wisdom

~tools and tips to bring home

~writing a new story and LIVING IT!