Opening up to your healing powers

Do you want to wake up your healing gifts?

In our essence we all have the capacity to heal others. A person who can heal (a healer) is aware of this ability and sensitivity and uses it as a strength. A healer can sense emotions, pains, follow the story, bring awareness and transformation may come. 
It needs to be clear that a healer can never heal the other, that is always up to the person, but you become a channel of information and energy for them. In this way you are able to help others to connect with what they have forgotten. It is a great gift to use your sensitivity in this way. 

This workshop is also recommended to people who give massage or do other body, energetic or emotional release work. Or to people who have the tendency to loose themselves in connection with others.

We start the workshop by receiving a reconnection with Soul and Body. It brings your Soul more into the body. The body will receive the frequency of your Soul. The connection feels like coming home. After we start to practice in pairs. 
The focus is very much on centering within yourself, grounding and learning to be present with what is. We will also work on changing limited beliefs on the healing potentials by a grouphealing. In all workshops I am guided by a higher consciousness. I listen and feel what is needed for the group in that exact moment. 
You will receive tools and tips to bring home so you can practice and learn to embody it.

Join us on this healing journey and start sharing your gift with the world!

What you may receive?
~ Reconnection Soul-Body-Mind 
~ Activation of the third eye
~ Connection with Unity Consciousness
~ Healing on different levels
~ Tools to read and to heal
~ Upgrade on cellular level
~ Receiving Sacred symbols as Flower of Life or Merkaba
~ Increase of your (body)frequency and awareness
~ Grounding through energetic connection with the Earth
~ And more what resonates your system