In the presence of silence, the gift unfolds

Silence gathering

Life can be very busy and demanding that we almost forget to pause and breath. There is also the other side present. In every act there is the presence of deep silence. We only need to know how to enter it. 

In those moments of experiencing deep silence, there is peace surrounding your being. Cherish the silence every day by meditating, becoming silent, lighting a candle, taking a walk and bring it consciously with you in your life.

Sharing silence together is a very powerful thing to do. Allow the Self to experience the presence of silence. In the presence of silence there are treasures to be discovered, experienced and unfolded. 

A great Way to be with the Self!

As it is a silence gathering we should allow ourselves to become silent in the moment we enter the space. Sometimes that brings up discomforts. That is totally normal. 

During the evening you will be guided through meditations, relaxation and some soft movements to drop the body, mind, emotions and feelings. 

What you may receive?

~expanded heart

~more awareness 

~higher consciousness

~healing and fusion of body, mind, soul

~deeper knowing

~love and support from the circle