Soul Awakening

A Soul Awakening is the simple, yet profound way of receiving yourSELF into this physical embodiment. This experience feels like coming home, where home is right here and not out there anymore. You feel more grounded and landed in your own being and you will experience a strong connection to your true Self. The key to this embodiment is listening. Listening at soul level to everything that is showing up in the body.  

Together we make a journey through the body (the groupbody), guided by the Golden Spiral, with words, gentle movements or sounds. Sanjula guids the group into the field of Unity Consciousness. Breathing in the new and expanding into your full capacity and allowing all that is awaiting. We support and meet each other on the highest level by connecting from Soul-to-Soul.  

Each workshop given is about 2 hours. The first workshop is about embodying your Soul. Often we work on a theme and free ourselves and embody the new.

'When you listen to absolutely everything that is showing up in your life, and say fully YES to yourSELF, life will bring you exactly what you need to evolve into your full potential. Trusting life will be your natural state of being, guided by your Soul.'  Sanjula
What you may receive? 
~ Soulconnection 
~ Soulembodiment through the Golden Spiral 
~ Connection with Unity Consciousness 
~ Deep understanding 
~ Feeling of Togetherness 
~ Upgrade on cellular level 
~ Unified Heart 
~ Integration of your lost Twinpiece 
~ Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine 
~ Sacred Symbols as Flower of Life, Merkaba 
~ Increase of your (body)frequency and awareness 
~ Understanding of your purpose 
~ Grounding through energetic connection with the Earth 
~ And more what resonates your system 

For questions or signing up, please send a message through this link

Prices: I travel the world and keep prices local as much as possible.