What is yoga?

Yoga is Sanskrit for union or connection, becoming one with body and mind. Postures (asanas)areusedtofreeyourmind and become more centered in your body. The more complicated the posture the more focus and concentration you need, therefore the less thoughts you will have. Besides the asanas, breathing (pranayama) is essential to learn to expand and guide your energy inwards. In a silent body and mind, meditation can enter easily.  

I am a certified Dru Yoga teacher and have been inspired by many different styles of yoga. I have practised this discipline, almost daily, for over 12 years and embody Unity more fully every day. As I evolved, my yoga practice started evolving as well. Nowadays my practice is not about getting into difficult postures, but more about opening my body and let Unity flow through. It does not need much effort to get into this field, it is mostly a natural state of being, like I am being danced!  

In my yoga classes I let myself be guided by the movements which unfold in my body. I follow the movement and bring it out into the bigger body, the groupbody. EveryBODY will feel the expansion into the field of Unity Consciousness.

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