Flow Yoga

The body consists of 80% water. Water is constantly in movement and has the power to bring healing and flexibility to all your body cells. 
We start opening the different bodies (koshas) by asanas (postures) and energetic movements. We give the body more space to flow. Once the fluidity in the cells is really felt, we let ourselves be moved by Unity Consciousness.
It is easy, soft, gentle, flowing and not to be compared with any other type of yoga! 
It is a deep transformative experience! 

~ Opens up your senses 
~ Expands your intuition 
~ Raises your consciousness 
~ Increases health and happiness 
~ More focus and concentration 
~ Flexibility of body and mind 
~ Transforms tensions and blockages 

Also given in 1:1 sessions.

'I had the pleasure to meet Sanjula on my vacation in Portugal. She spontaneously opened a class on the beach and I joined her the second day. I was curious and at the same time also hesitating asInever found the yoga which suits me. 
Flow yoga really touched me. I could do everything in my own pace while Sanjula kept reminding me to search for the joy and relaxation in every exercise. I loved the flow and energy I felt in my body, I never experienced that before. I felt more happy, more relaxed and expanded.
After I had a big smile on my face the whole day. Thank you, Sanjula! I hope to meet you again.'