Life is a play full of celebration

Carrapateira (Portugal)

Life is different here! It is about understanding of and finding peace with the basics of life. 
Life shows its beauty in her growth of plants, giving her fruits, ready to be eaten. I just love the connection with the garden from seeding to harvesting. 
In my free time I run to the beach to dive and play with my surfboard in the waves. Big strong waves where I have to let go of my fear and drop into the allowing of the fluidity of my body. Once I do this, I thrive on the waves and lifeforce flows through my cells.
Returning to the beach, empowered and satisfied, I search for a place where I can be alone.  In my aloneness I reach the highest state of connecting with ALL. I feel transparent, fluid and whole where ALL seem to flow throw me. A stunning experience which is not an exception but more a daily experience.
Perfect time to play the flute now. I just started playing the flute for a few days now, but it feels like an old part of me is being activated and finally can play again. I have no idea how it sounds, but it feels wonderful and very uplifting to do.
After all this activities and happy as a child, I enter the community and play with my hoolahoop. For years I wanted to learn the hoolahoop, now I finally take the time to DO it. 

Life is a dream full of wishes coming true right now. Most of my wishes I've forgotten and were hidden for a long time. When people asked me 'what are your wishes? What do you want to do and learn in life?' I really had to think and I couldn't  get really clear in my feelings and thoughts what I wished for.
The wishes were there for a long time, ready to show itself when I would be ready. Finally I find the peace and time for all my wishes to come true. This is just the beginning, I start  remembering my list now 😃. I only have to be ready to let them come to me. I am open and ready to live my dream and let all my wishes come true and play! 

At times I forgot, but life reminded me. Life is a play full of celebration! ❤️