a journey to fully embody the soul in this physical body

soul frequency upgrade


Welcome to this Soul Frequency Upgrade Session, where we embark on a transformative journey to awaken and embody our true selves. This experience is an opportunity to come home, and to feeling grounded and connected to our essence.


The Power of Listening

We encourage you to listen attentively to everything that arises within your body during this session.

By actively tuning in, being present, breathe, you can gain deeper insight into your inner world and allow the wisdom and messages within to unfold.


The Potential

Throughout this journey, we will traverse the landscape of your body using various modalities such as words, movements, and sounds. Through this exploration, we create space for all that is ready to be revealed and integrated. The invitation is, to embrace the process and open yourself to the profound potential that awaits.


Trusting in the Natural Flow of Life

Trusting is an essential aspect of this awakening. By surrendering to the guidance of the higher consciousness that accompanies us in this session, we can cultivate a sense of trust in the unfolding journey. This guidance acts as a compass, gently leading us towards a more unified and authentic expression of our true selves.


Embodiment through Breath and Movement

During this session, movement and breath will play integral roles in the embodiment process. As you engage in intentional movements and connect with your breath, you open yourself to a deeper level of self-awareness and connection. This conscious movement and breathwork create a harmonious synergy with the awakening process and the simple yet profound exercises can be done at home as well so you can reconnect with the energy and integrate more fully.


Embracing Receptivity

In this safe and supportive space, we encourage you to listen deeply, allowing all aspects of your being to be heard and acknowledged. By embracing a state of receptivity and allowing, you open yourself to receiving the gifts and insights that this session has to offer. This active participation in the journey paves the way for a more profound and transformative experience.


Energetic Frequency

As you continue to immerse yourself in this session, you may notice a subtle shift in your energetic frequency. This frequency embodiment aligns you with the essence of your soul, fostering a deeper sense of unity and coherence within your being. Embracing this frequency embodiment brings you closer to the realization of the Self.


Unified field

Ultimately, the aim of this Soul Embodiment Session is to support you in unifying with your true self and stepping into a more expansive and authentic expression of who you are. By actively engaging in this process of embodiment and integration, you can tap into the unified field of consciousness that exists within and around you.


In this profound journey of self-discovery, allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of your soul and the higher consciousness present in this space. Trust the process and embrace the transformative power that awaits you. May this session be a catalyst for your awakening and a gateway to a more embodied and fulfilling existence.