Security, part 2

Odemira (Portugal)

Last night I was heading to the woods to find my spot to sleep for the night. On my way I met lots of beachsleepers. All gathering for sunset. I had a small talk with them, but decided to move on to the woods and be on my own. Interesting to watch how a part in me got totally excited to be in a group again and felt immediately 'secure'. The security I felt, had nothing to do with being secure or safe. Actually groupdynamics often trigger me on different themes. The fact that I already deal with these themes for a long time, gives an unreal feeling of security or safety. 

Entering the woods I was searching for the right spot, guided by my Soul. As I was a bit shaky I couldn't feel and hear my Soul very well. The first spot I was looking at, felt safe in the first place, but it was my personality responding as it was close to a road and not too far into the woods. As I noticed my personality, I started walking further into the woods. 
Much further I found a spot where I went even deeper into the woods by going off the 'road'. It felt shaky to do this, but a deeper feeling in me was very much holding a deep inner peace. I started to connect with that part in me and with nature around.  As I learned before, it is important to connect with Mother Earth by asking permission and show my gratitude to her. I asked the trees to use there branches and asked the earth if I could set my tent, I listened to the singing of the birds. With FluidBody movement I opened up and I landed more within an instant moment. I started to unpack and put my tent. Nature welcomed me!

Once I was set up, I went straight to bed. I didn't want to make too much noice.  I started to relax my body in my new house and new environment. I started opening my senses and my field. 
Sometimes a new noise entered my field and it would collapse. At one point I even heard a car entering and stopping, dogs started barking and flash lights were seen in the far distance. Everything sounded very close and for a moment it felt like everything around was all focused on finding me. Crazy how things in your mind can get soooo excited and full of fear. I even felt paralysed by it for a moment. 
As I started seeing it, I opened my field again by using my breathing. More and more I started to float into the field of the FluidBody, more and more I became one with nature around. 
At a certain point I felt being the tree, the birds and the earth. I felt everything was flowing through me,  everything around me became part of me. The birds were singing in me, Mother Earth was powerfully felt and grounded in my base. The wind was flowing, like my whole being was being danced by the wind. Everything became a part of me. I relaxed deeper and deeper into this space of safety where I felt whole and held. Allowing everything to flow through and surrendered into a deep sleep.