Change your belief and your situation will change

Aljezur (Portugal)

Change your believe and your situation will change 

What helped to change my believe?
I felt depressed, unsure and many destructive energies were slightly present in my system, already for some days and very clearly starting to take me over now. 

Time for change:
1. Just kicked my ass and started moving. Literally! For me that would be dancing, running or walking. Now my energy changed...

2. I could watch my destructive thoughts and feelings now and changed them during walking. I brought things in my mind which makes me happy, what I love in life and things I am grateful for. In the beginning I started with very general feelings and along the process I got more specific as it was easier to really feel and therefor believe it. Result: an (over)glowing and expanded heart.

3. My feelings changed and my heart was now open to receive. The moment to be more clear on my wishes and to stay open for what is there. I focused with clarity how I want to feel and what I wish for.

AND...YES, I got back in my flow!