I gratefully receive

I am close to my destination to start my 'work', whatever that means? I know as well that I have to walk up there through rough nature as it is not to be reached by other transport than by foot. 
Tomorrow I have 24km ahead of me, but I might stay one extra day here to rest and organise enough food and water for the trip as there is nothing along the way. For the moment I Iet go and see tomorrow how everything unfolds. Now it is resting and feeding time for my body.

Later that day I got a lift offered. It is a different road, but it will get me close to my destination. The pelgrim in me said:  'NO, you have to walk, so I said 'no, thank you''. 
I remembered myself: 'life should be with ease and joy! Is walking 24 km with 20 kilo's on your back ease and joy?'
What I did next, was something new for me, I accepted the lift. 
The next day was fullfilled with wonderful surprises as we reached spots which I would not have seen while walking. 
Life is full of surprises, I only have to be open to receive! 

With an open heart,  I gratefully receive ❤️