A new chapter

Galicia (Spain)

And here I am...in Spain...laying in my tent, under the sky full of stars. The sky which is always there and remembers me from home. I gaze at the stars, although it is not so dark, I can see the milky way. I feel home. I realize I feel home in myself. 

The day started having a coffee with my friend waiting for my other friend to pick me up. We would drive all the way to Galicia, crossing Portugal. I was looking forward as I walked that way last year during my pelgrimage to Santiago. 
Once in the car we would stop in Coimbra for lunch. I have a special memory of Coimbra and felt excitement to go there again. We had lunch at the University there. Something what I wanted to do last year, but my feet were hurting too much and didn't reach the place. 
After lunch we kept driving and passing by memories. Entering Spain and soon we would be there. 

The moment when I entered Spain, I received a joboffer from the same lady as the last time. Now for real she would offer me a job, an urgent one again. Immediately I consider flying to Faro from Santiago the Compostela. I would suggest that they pay my ticket. 
The next thought is: 'what does life want from me?' It is confusing this way. There is a reason that I am here now although I don't know why. My friend confirmed my thoughts: 'you have to stay here, there is a bigger reason, but you don't know why yet'. I thanked him for sharing his thought and dropped the idea of going back to Portugal. I am here now, but where to sleep. I just saw a sign that there are wolves here. No wildcamping for me, at least not for now as I don't have the knowledge about 'what-to-do-when-you-meet-a-wolf'. 
My friend told  me he remembers a community close by. He asks me if I want to go there. He told me they do some dancing and other things. I said YES! 
Thoughts came up, but what to do here in the mountains of Galicia. The weather is too hot, there is no beach, new surroundings, new habits. Anyway life brought me here and it is up to me to allow the new journey to unfold. 
We went in the car and drove to the community. On the way he tells me an intense story about his wife and family. He couldn't share it before as their were always others around. It was intense to feel his story, my body also started to move. When my body starts to respond, I know I have to offer my work. I told him that I want to meet his wife and work with her. His eyes started shining even brighter 'Would you do that?' I said: 'yes!' Next month I fly to Lisboa and visit you for 2 days before I head to the mountains. 

We arrived at the community. The community was in full action. It happen to be the last day of the yearly 9-day festival they organise. There is a big stage, music, food, drinks and lots of Spanish people. I still have to wink my eyes a couple of times, to make clear to myself that I am in Spain. It is such a different world where I happen to be part of now. 
My friend starts to connect with people and check out if I could stay here. He was telling them that I am looking for a job and a place to stay. 
In 5 minutes time, 2 times the name Petra was passing by. A dutch woman who lives close by, a misician and yoga teacher and she really needs help with things. I could connect with her tomorrow. 
I started to connect with people,  walking around feeling open as a child. I enjoyed watching, I smiled, laughed, danced and spoke in my best Spanish. Soon I found out that Galician is a language on its own. Not to be compared with Spanish. Anyway the people make an effort to listen to my Spanish. As my Spanish happen to be soooo bad, they feel invited to talk english. 
 There was music, dance and theatre. I watched the theatre about the history of Galicia. In a mixture of Portugese and Spanish the people would say: 'nao entiende nada' and I say 'si, nao entiendo nada'. I smile and giggle, I just love being here. In the mountains of Galicia it is happening for me at this very moment, so pure, so real, so 

The new chapter of my journey is unfolding. I feel different, I feel centered. Every night I sleep in other places, with other people around. I feel connected with mySELF and allow everything to happen. 
The last chapter was about embodying myself more fully on those themes. I am there now, my journey can start! 
Life moves my body. Life is shining through me! It is flowing, loving, wonderingly and open. 
Life is dancing with me! 

I become the dance, 
The dance of life!