Life is sharing her miracles

Pineiro, Galicia (Spain)

My new chapter unfolded beautifully. I would stay one day but I am still here, in the mountains of Galicia. It was definitely meant to be to arrive here. Gigi the owner of the place, organizes a 9-day festival every year. This year it was the 10th year anniversary with a full program with amazing music, dance and theater. Gigi has been a professional dancer and knows lots of artists. Basically he invites his friends to share their gifts on a stage with mountain view. Everything is done for free. He wants no money from the government as he doesn't want their restricted rules either.
The village where the festival is held,  counts 20 inhabitants. Mostly old people living here (above 70). You can imagine what an energy Gigi and his festival are bringing. 

I arrived on the last day of the festival. I got a taste of the festival (and it definitely tasts like more). 
Waking up at my new camping spot I felt myself open for a new adventure. There was a little bit a feeling of insecurity present in my body, but I was conscious and while moving it disappeared. I started to check around but there was not much aliveness. At a certain point I saw a person and offered my help in my best spanish. He told me to check with Gigi. Gigi seemed surprised to see me and very happy with my offer. I started to help where I could and connect with people in my best Spanish. As none of them speaks proper English, I really have to go for my Spanish now. (I get what I wished for)

My Spanish is awful so it was always a surprise what was happening. I had no idea what was happening around me, but I was fully available for what needed to happen and would give a hand where I could. In the mean time I would learn simple words and connect with my very simple Spanish. Some people I could understand quite well, others not at all. I was lucky there were many different Spanish around as they would speak Catalan with each other and not Galician. People would ask: 'how did you find this place?' 'How did you get here?'

After this full day of working the team went for hot thermal sulphate baths in the mountains. I belonged to the team now so off we went. 

Entering the thermal bath, was like entering heaven for my body.  The only thing I could do is smile with tears in my eyes of deep gratitude, witnessed by the twinkling stars who shined upon me through the leaves of the trees. So much happened! Is this for real?
The journey of the night went on. We quickly had dinner under the streetlights and after we went for a long hike to the top of the mountains. We slept there, closely next to each other, to keep each other warm and cozy, it was a chilly and starry night, one never to forget. 

Days would continu with working, cleaning, construction work followed by excursions as hiking, swimming, visiting villages, ruins. The team also got invited in many different houses. People are very grateful for Gigi to organize the festival and they invite him at their house with the whole crew. We would arrive around 23 o'clock and enter a house with a table full of food and wines, sharing our joy and laughter. 

Days were intense for me as I always need time to adjust. The need for clarity and knowing seems to be bigger at those moments. Knowing when I can be on my own, relax, wash my clothes, write, hoolahoop. But none was possible. I was in a new group, new environment and new language. Especially learning a language costs me lots of energy as I have been very mindless the last months, but above all...I cannot stop smiling. Life is sharing her miracles. My heart is overflowing with love and deep gratitude. 

In deep wonder, 
I receive