A new language, part 2

Pineiro, Galicia (Spain)

The last week I have been working together with Gigi. Being with the 2 of us instead of a group is different. Gigi makes an amazing effort to let me understand Spanish. He would talk with easy words and explains with lots of acting and mime. At a certain point he could read my face if I understand or not. It feels nice to have such a wonderful support. Our days flow very easily. We would work, go for hikes, swim in rivers and he would show me around like an archaeologic.
 The work we are doing can be dangerous and it asks full awareness from both of us to protect each other from falling stones or other objects. One little movement of a stone could take down the whole wall.
Working together is like flowing. We get so much done in one day with so much ease and flow. 
Gigi does not much planning, but let the moment unfold. He says: 'I have a little bit an idea, but along the way I start to think. I let the stones talk to me and decide.' That works, the most stunning bathroom appeared. And we received some amazing gifts. 
Working together like this, is a wonderful experience. As I couldn't talk much, the communication evolved. Their was harmony and ease felt along the way. A beautiful experience for the both of us.