A new language

Pineiro, Galicia (Spain)

Communication is much more than words. We all know that, but the moment I couldn't express myself in this new language, communicating gave me a different experience.
I remember my friend Niek. Niek has been a very special and unique person in my life. Looking in his eyes would give your heart wings.
He passed away on the age of nearly 23. His disabled body wasn't able to keep his Soul on Earth and it was needed to leave his body to set him free. He couldn't communicate for 18 years. Niek didn't have any control over his body and couldn't communicate in the 3D world. I say 3D world, because he did communicate with us through other dimensions. He would ask or tell us things, but we didn't always hear/see or feel him, because of that he had the feeling to be invisible for 18 years.
 Feeling his presence could touch you deeply if you were able to receive him. If his body allowed it and he could look you in the eyes, Source would be immediately activated in you. Niek was an enlightened man in a very disabled body. He learned me the art of listening, communicating on different levels and much more.
Twice more in my life I jumped into a new language like now, using hands and feet to express. The first time I was 16 years old and going alone to America to join one year of High School. I remember how nervous and shy I was the first days to connect and speak in English. After a couple of days I felt more comfortable with my new language and slowly I started to learn. After 3 months I was dreaming in English.  
The second time was in Switserland in the mountains. I worked in service and wanted to learn German, not knowing that German is there 2nd language and there are 2 more main languages spoken in Switserland (French and Italian). The Swiss-German people do speak German, but they are not very comfortable with it. Learning German took longer as in my free time I spoke a lot of English as well what gave me space to express. 
In Galicia I cannot express myself by talking, even not through What's App or Facebook as there is no connection. I find myself in a soft space where I am open, receptive and very present. I understand less than ever before, but my senses are very open which helps in the communication. When I communicate, I involve listening and feeling on other levels. Often I find myself in a nice flow with the people without talking. After 10 days, I understand more of the basics. Talking about the weather or food is not a problem, but talking about my work and my life is still not possible. People see and feel me without knowing. Later I understood, people call me 'an angel passing by'. I tell them 'my journey brings me to the place where the light shines the brightest. I meet beautiful angels on my path who guide me here.'