Playing BIG

Learning to play BIG, how does this change my life? 

Playing mini-me is not serving me and the world. So what is my choice really? I don't have a choice. I don't want to play mini-me anymore as it is not satisfying me in any way. To play big-me is new for me, I got to understand that some radical changes are needed: 

1. Dream BIG: I am learning to dream big. Learning, because in the beginning I didn't believe a thing I was dreaming and that doesn't help the manifestation at all. I am doing my vibrational, inner and outer work and see the changes happening. I am getting into the vibration of my bigger dreams. 

2. Give up playing small: Meaning speak up my truth without giving a shit about what others think or want from me. That is a big one to overcome for the caretaker and miss-nice in me. I take full ownership of the boat I am sailing and BE the captain. (I am living on a boat right now 😄) Work in progress, but I am progressing! 

3. Having long-term goals: Gosh, for somebody who was mostly living with the flow of the day, this commitment has been frightening me already a long time. Before I had the long-term goal, I already took off...way too much effort...I need result now...I need money now (excuses excuses excuses...)

4. Giving up excuses: YES, many excuses!!! I am learning to focus on what and why I CAN instead of what I can't. 

5. Surround yourself with successfull and inspiring people. For sure I want to invite more successfull people in my life. And definitly the Journey of Success is helping immensely with its platform to get to know Compassionate Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs by connecting with weekly (sometimes even daily) meetings/trainings and mentorings. 

What is your journey of success? Love to be inspired by YOU

BIG love ❤️